Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winning the Day:

Its always fun to win the day, to have the last laugh, to be the last man standing: But, wouldn't that be a lonely day, to be the last man standing? I wonder.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Into Falka

FALKA, pronounced as Folka, is a name of a village deep in the interior jungles of West Tripura. Located at the hill top bordering Amarpur, the area lies inaccessible by roads, and as time passes, it has become the safe refuge of the so called militants. Few dared to go there unprotected.The hill is clearly visible from a distance, alluring and mysterious. Ever since my eyes fell on the lonely hill, I felt the call of the wilderness deep in the heart...and as days passed, by a stroke of luck I somehow made arrangements with the Assam Rifles and got a ticket to the long awaited journey to Falka...it was an exhilirating journey, long and ardous, almost daunting task to climb to the summit ...ooh, what a walk, what an effort, what a great feeling behind all the risk and the dangers that could have befell us that day..we reached the summit after a long long walk, and took a long long rest. The events that took place still remains clear to me...the prisoner and his crying wife, the fear and awestruck villagers, the coolness of the man apprehended, the hard cold eyes of the jawans and the long journey back home, into the jungle, thru the long cold streams, the food we ate, and most of all the great escape of the young father who could not bear the thought of being behind bars for several years, maybe...The risk he took, the search and all the confusions, the angry jawans and their polished Kalashnikovs..ohh i watched with rapt attention...it was over a soon as it began, the prisoner has escaped and is not found.

The sun was almost setting, it was so beautiful from the hill, I tasted a bit of the life I have lost long ago...it was a rare moment that nature offered to her loved ones, i felt lucky to be alive, happy to be a free dreamer in this troubled human world. Nature goes on, undisturbed and serene, it is US who have made all these choas, i wondered and the dream continued., As a human, we get to experience Falka sometimes, a dreamy land, far from human civilization, a place we dream about, where secrets lies with risks to take and dangers to meet, I thought. There are places like Falka which is worth the risk..after all, life without risk has no fun, no excitement, no meaning. Falka will remain a dream to me, a place of self realization, a trek to the heart of human nature amidst human darknesss...Maybe, someday, I'll climb that hill and see myself again clearly...until then, let me dream my dreams. Come to Falka with me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Brain Storming

With so many ideas at hand, endless concepts and new innovations, what new things to capture the imagination. But, there's is always a better way for everything, the next way of achieving goals. One thing has always occupied my mind since long. I dunno whether its worth sharing. You decide.

Its known that humans are smarter than animals. We do things the way it suits us best.We do things our way. We do things by what we understand, what we perceive, reacting to things according to our brain's mould. As each have different brain moulds, each have a different mode and ways of perceiving things. Our faculties are never the same. What seem easy for some is tough for others. You may find math boring, others may love it and vice versa. My point here is, each human brains function differently from other.

Next, you know we utilise a small fraction of our brain power. The point of utilisation differ from human to human. I believe there is no dull brain and sharp brain, intelligence is the same..we only differ in the spot of utilization of the brain. A dull student may be the most imaginative when it comes to sports, or, a brilliant student may be a hopeless case when it comes to music. The fact, I think, is the spot of brain we utilise differ, so, wrong judgement is made thinking that the whole brain is poor!!!

What if we use the concept of software in getting our goals. What if we have some language by which we can each apply our individual brain mould to achieve our goals. If such things were there, a skillful musician can apply his skill to solve the most complex of mathematical problems! An artist would be able to apply his artistic mind to achieve the intellectual level of the best academicians. Great! Aint it. How wonderful it would be if such language or system come up for human use. Software are written in language. Interpretted by a compiler and used for endless purposes. In our case, we would be needing a compiler, intelligent enough to interpret the language of music and art or the thought of a poets.That compiler would be something which one can learn by heart and be easily stored for understanding. Alphabets would be replaced by diagrams, symbols, a stroke, something we can see and easily understood. Each person would deliver his answers according to his own individual style, expressing his ideas, emotions and store of knowledge from his memory by that universal language of perception and expresion and be compiled and interpreted flawlessly by compilers stored in our memory or for those who prefer, in a chip planted somewhere in the brain.

The day may come when A, B, C is taught no more in kindergartens, only interpretation and deduction, expressions and logic, from basics to calculus. Scary thought, you may think. But, think again. All who are educated will have all the freedom to apply the mind for all branches of thoughts: from science to arts to astronomy and human psychology...unlimited power of expressions and mathematical precision in understanding thoughts and ideas. Great change would come, the second evolvement of man would have taken place by then....


I miss the cool winter morning as I sweat endlessly in the summer afternoons; As winter's mist arrives with cold hands, I remember the warm summer afternoon. I dreamt of growing up as a teenager and now I often dream of my childhood days...I remember, I dream, and the world never stops spinning..who am I? I am Born2Mizz!

One day in my office

"crazy humans" i mumbled, as they moved out of my office room, furious, I suppose, in being unable to get what they asked for. I seem to hear them cursing me,"crazy man" ... what a waste of precious time for me, for them. Whose fault? My fault, their fault? Anyway, we both lost the day, and the day's gone-

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time-as it flies leaves an imprint on each moment-none escaping the marks. It polishes, brushes and moulds each matter, each according to its own fashion following some unknown system or rules unknown or unthought of....strange, wonderful! ahhh...what art? what madness? what wisdom!!!!