Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lonesome Island

I sit here dreaming often of my yesteryears where the birds would sing and the flowers bloom in myriads of colors. I've lived in that land all thorough my lonely days, enjoying the joyful air even in the wintry period of my season. My happiness is imprisoned there, in that lonely island where I I am stuck till today. I yearn to go back to the land there where my soul lives. As I live in the midst of a rat race in full swing, I hear the gentle call of my soul deep within me. And I am transported time and again to that lonely island where my soul roams in bliss.


incognito said...

Hey, nice to see you getting back to writing...tlawhtu an awm lo em mai, ka lo tilar teh ang. a tha e, lo ti zel rawh. bihruk reng tur a ni lo, an ti.

Happy blogging. ciao!

incognito said...

Oh, I forget to say what I came here for: Don't dream too much as anything in excess is unhealthy for your well being; and remember, no man is an island. Gotcha!

Jinx said...

Hey thianpa, didn't know you had a blog until I stumbled upon it by sheer accident :) And mind you...once found, I'm here to stay. Will look forward to more of your writings. Happy blogging.