Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A visit to the land where once the shepherd sings:

I am back to the spot where I once came before. The land where once the shepherd worked. She was there here. There, she worked tirelessly however weak or frail her tired body be. In that little hut she dwelled and that small church that You may mistaken for an abandoned house, she preached. She used to sing and fill the area with sweet praises, inspiring the people she knew. They all loved her. She was their shepherd. Gentle and loving.

But, she's in pain now, striken by unfamiliar malady. Nursing maid all around her. May the good Lord strengthen her limbs to walk again. I pray in this lonely place. I stand alone here, listening the songs she used to echoed deep within my heart. I am no shepherd, I am just a lost sheep in the wilderness!!

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