Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The smiling Cop.

He was known to me a couple of years back, young and bold, jolly and fun loving. He comes often to me for a talk and to seek some office essentials. I am glad to know him. He's quiet and firm but always in a jolly mood. Honorable cop, brave and different. Maybe they saw it too, they gave him the Top Cop Medal in the last Republic Day at the Capital along with some few good men. He came again the day before, smiling as usual, asking for petty things for his staffs. I said Yes. He left in a joyful mood.
Yesterday I came and sat in my office, a lonely staff came and informed that my dear friend had been shot and is fighting for his life at the hospital. A tragic news. All my hope and prayer for his recovery. Man like him make us free and safe to stand up and raise our heads in this bullet riddled land. I sure miss him and may God keep him safe.

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